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Raw Honey - Gallberry & Tupelo Harvest - 8 oz - Georgia Honey

You are currently viewing our 8 ounce, half pound glass jar of raw gallberry and tupelo honey tha...

You are currently viewing our 8 ounce, half pound glass jar of raw gallberry and tupelo honey that we harvest in the spring in the swamps of southern Georgia.

Our southern Georgia harvested gallberry and tupelo honey is pure, raw, and straight from our hives. The bees diligently collect nectar from gallberry bushes and tupelo trees which result in a honey that embodies the unique flavors and aromas of the remarkable ecosystem found in the swamps of southern Georgia.

- Harvested in May of 2023
- Enjoy on warm toast, drizzled over yogurt or cheese, or use as a sweet ingredient or sugar substitute in your favorite recipes. Perfect in tea.
- Light and sweet flavor profile with notes of warm caramel and luscious butterscotch, interwoven with hints of citrus and delicate floral undertones

** If your honey crystallizes, this is completely normal. It is still safe to eat and remains delicious! However, if you prefer it in its liquid state, light heating can be used to decrystallize it.

About the producers:

For the past two years, we have taken several hundred hives down to southern Georgia in February to get ahead start on queen rearing and colony splits. We bring most of our bees back to the Piedmont of North Carolina for the spring honey flow, but this year, we left a small group of hives that produced around 1200 pounds of gallberry and tupelo honey.

Taking bees to Georgia in the wintertime is super beneficial for our operation, but it’s also exciting for us as naturalists. The swamps of southern Georgia are filled with amazing wildlife, and it’s always nice to take a break from beekeeping to look for snakes, tortoises, birds, fungi, and plants. So, we decided to make our own labels which reflect the wildlife (and livestock) we see when we go to Georgia.

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