About Us

We are a small apiary located near Chapel Hill, NC, in the piedmont of the North Carolina. All of our bees are from local North Carolina stock and forage on the natural trees and wildflowers in the area. In our apiary, we see a great deal of wildflower nectar being brought in, as well as clover, tulip poplar, red maple, buckwheat, and other native plants. This makes for delicious light honey every spring and summer, and a darker, richer honey in the fall. The bees are treated with only organic pest controls, and the honey is always raw and straight from the hive. North Carolina is famous for its amazing honey and can be a hard to find treat. 

King Cobra Apiary Honeybee Hives

Our Story
Ali and I met in the spring of 2016 while working for the same honey bee research laboratory. I had just graduated college with a bachelor's degree in plant biology/entomology and started an internship as a honey bee research assistant. Ali, on the other hand, was an experienced beekeeper with a bachelor's degree in biology. I had never worked with honey bees before, so I was a little nervous when I opened up a 3-story hive for the first time. Ali was kind enough to take me under his wing and teach me the art of beekeeping. After a few weeks, I was going into hives by myself and was actually able to...bee keep!

During our time spent working together, Ali and I became good friends. We would talk non-stop about all things science and nature-related. Before long, I realized that I liked Ali more than a friend. While we would bee keep together, I found myself paying a bit more attention to him than the honey bees!
Ali eventually asked me on a date, and I will never forget, "Hey! Do you want to go look for rattlesnakes with me this weekend?" (If you were wondering why our name is 'King Cobra Apiary,' well, here it is) Although Ali loves his honey bees, he has a longtime passion for all reptiles, especially snakes.

And with that, we fell in love over beekeeping and want to share our wonderful honey with the world.
~Alicia Ballard