Carolina Reaper Pepper Honey, North Carolina Honey

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You are currently viewing our 8 ounce jar of Carolina Reaper pepper infused honey.

Unlike hot sauce, the honey counterbalances the Carolina Reaper's extreme heat. This stuff is HOT, but the sweetness of the honey prevents it from being overbearingly spicy.

The Carolina Reaper pepper is the world's hottest pepper, and this is such a unique way to experience its flavor. We are so excited to finally release this honey!

To make this AMAZINGLY SPICY, SWEET product we use our oh-so-popular raw, unfiltered, wildflower honey and infuse it with 100% fresh Carolina Reaper peppers. We even decided to throw in a whole Carolina Reaper pepper into each jar which will stay preserved as long as it's submerged in honey. 

**For the best taste possible, stir the honey before serving!**


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