Bulk Honey - Half Gallon

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Making mead? Got a batch of brown ale homebrew that could really use a floral flair? Use honey for cooking and go through way too much? We offer half and one gallon jugs of our wildflower honey in a more barebones packaging for homebrewers and cooks so you can get raw honey from a source you trust without breaking the bank! A half gallon of our honey is usually right at 6lbs, although there can be slight variances of weight at this quantity. 


*Note: We do not support or condone people buying our honey for repackaging and rebranding purposes. If we find that a customer is buying honey for purposes of reselling, we will terminate their account immediately. If you would like to buy wholesale King Cobra Apiary bottled honey for resale, please email us at KingCobraApiary@gmail.com for our wholesale rates!