Full-service Hive Hosting

Full Service Hive Hosting

Starting a honeybee colony can be very expensive, and many first time keepers are spending a fortune to buy the hives, supplements, food, tools, and bees!  Even after this large investment, the steep learning curve involved in managing a honeybee colony often leads to frustrations and stress. Most first time beekeepers in North Carolina lose their colony in the first year, and end up getting out of the hobby, or reinvesting in new bees year after year.


What do you get by sponsoring a hive through us?

We will place a hive on your property, and come manage every aspect of their care from the moment it arrives. This includes feeding, manipulations, treatments, queen checks, queen replacement, and swarm control. You will reap the benefits of honey, wax, and pollination from your bees, and can use the opportunity to learn how a hive works and beekeeping methods at your own pace. Because we have a large holding of honeybees in the area, we are always ready to requeen the hive, give them additional resources, or replace the hive if it is struggling. 

Who is eligible to host a hive?

Anyone in the Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Pittsboro, Mebane, Hillsborough, or Durham area is within our traveling radius and we would love to share honeybees with you. We can accommodate slightly farther clients as well but there might be additional fees for travel. 


Rates are $999/yr for a complete queenright hive, with monthly payments being no problem. Please email KingCobraApiary@gmail.com to get a spot secured for Spring 2018! Limited hives left for this service, so reserve yours today!